Memory foam mattress and others

To choose a suitable mattress, you must first understand the type of mattress. According to the unique characteristics of mattresses of different materials, choose the mattress that suits you. Take some short memory foam mattress reviewsto buy the comfort for your family.

Polyurethane compounds or plastic foam mats with excessive formaldehyde content often pretend to be natural mattresses. We know that formaldehyde pollution cannot be ignored. Therefore, a high-quality mattress will not smell pungent.  Looking at the quality of a mattress, the most intuitive and visually observable is the fabric on the surface. The high-quality fabric feels comfortable and flat, with no obvious wrinkles and no jumpers.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam, also known as slow rebound space materials can absorb the enormous pressure of the special material produced by the rapid speed. Therefore, the mattress made of memory foam can memorize the curve of the human spine “S” shape, prepare to shape the body contour, decompose the human body pressure, and change the softness according to the human body temperature. Memory foam mattresses are too soft and supportive. It is recommended to purchase mattress styles that combine memory foam and separate cylinders to make sleep more comfortable.

Spring system

A spring mattress is a mattress that is commonly used in modern times and has superior performance. Its core is composed of springs. The pad has the characteristics of good elasticity, better supportability, strong air permeability and durability, and can provide better support and comfort for the human body. However, the traditional connected mattress is a spring with a thick ring diameter.

Palm mattress

Made entirely of natural palm fiber, it is in line with the trend of environmental protection, and is not easy to be deformed. It has a certain curative effect on waist, neck, spinal disease or bone hyperplasia. However, in the production process, it is necessary to use latex to stick the raw materials together, so that it is easy to emit an unpleasant smell, easy to be infested or moldy.

Latex mattress

It is usually made of polyurethane compound or naturally foamed. The porous structure of the latex makes it have high softness, strong resilience and balanced force, which can meet the needs of different weight groups, and its good supporting force can adapt to various sleep postures of the sleeper.