How to make your sleep good with tempurpedic foam?

You have decided to change your mattress to improve your nights. Choosing a new mattress is always a difficult exercise but so important considering the consequences of this choice for Peaceful and pleasant nights in case of good choice, or back pain and difficult awakenings in case of error. To avoid the second option, it is necessary to choose a mattress according to its weight. Indeed, the mattress will have to adapt to you and the different sleepers who will lie there. According to your morphology different types of tempurpedic mattresses reviews will be recommended.

Why tempurpedic foam?

The foam mattresses are suitable for light weights because they remain soft while offering optimal support, depending on the type of foam chosen (polyether, polyurethane, and viscoelastic) and its quality (high density foam for example). However, memory foam mattresses are great for heavier people. Their ability to combine firmness and body wrap makes them comfortable and safe.

Selection Criteria

You have decided to choose a tempurpedic foam mattress, and the proposed models are numerous. To steer you a little bit, here are the few important selection criteria that is advised you to study when you buy a new mattress.


It is an essential criterion in the choice of a mattress. This is the data that will define the comfort you will experience sleeping. To choose well, you should know that the density is calculated in kg / m3. The minimum for a memory foam mattress is 55 kg / m3.

The thickness of the top layer

This type of mattress is covered with a layer of foam that defines it as a memory foam mattress. To deserve this name, the layer must be at least 7 cm thick and can be up to 12.5 cm thick. This figure is a good indicator of the comfort of the upper part of your mattress.


It depends a lot on the chosen density and materials used in the manufacture of the mattress. Given the high price of a mattress of this kind, this is a criterion that must be taken into account. It is complicated to choose a mattress in general, and even more when you have to consider the weight of the user. Depending on your weight, the type of mattress to buy will be different.